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Drink menu

・Atsumi blend 450 yen
Please choose a roasting. ( light / medium / dark )
・Single origin    450 yen over
Please ask the staff what kind of today’s coffee.

・Cold brew coffee 540 yen
・Cafe au lait (Hot/Iced) 580 yen
・Caffe latte (Hot/Iced)  480 yen
・Black tea(Hot/Iced)   600 yen

Food menu

・Bacon egg toast 780 yen
・Salad toast 700 yen
・Cheese honey toast 700 yen
・Mochi cheese toast 650 yen
・Egg toast      500 yen

The special service is only available until 3 PM by morning and lunch.

This special service includes boiled egg or small salad or cup of conesoup or coffee jelly.

All drink 450 yen and more is 150 yen discount.( after at 3 PM is 100 yen discount.)

You can also choose today’s coffee on 300 yen until 3 PM.

※ Tax excluded ※

Wi-Fi is not available in our cafe.